"An exciting and unique fusion of classic Persian poetry with contemporary jazz and blues."


"Uniting two distant cultures through the power of music"


 "Rana Farhan grew up in Tehran, lives in New York, sings in Persian and English, sounds like Billie Holiday, adores blues and jazz, and is — in almost every other way — a unique cultural product of both her native Iran and her adopted country, the United States. No one else does what Farhan does on albums and in concerts: She combines the rich oral traditions of Persia with the rich oral traditions that originated in black, American culture. Farhan’s sultry, hybridized song book is a revelation to anyone who thinks they already know the full range of blues music."  Jonathan Curial KQED San Francisco

"Seductive, exotic, and absolutely gorgeous, this Persian born artist's voice could melt a blizzard."  Jennifer Layton-Indiemusic.com  

"A rich and delicious blend that leaves the imagination longing for more."   Davar Ardalan-Newstilt.com  

"Move over Norah Jones!"  Mark Coles - Host of The Strand BBC Radio