"Talking 'bout Love"



"Talking 'bout Love"  a collection of all new music including: 

 Plenty Of Wine, Chooni, All I Have Is You, The Cup Of Love, The Good Fantastic, I Burn, Was Not Was, Love It's Me, I Want You 

with Steven Toub on Guitar and Bass and featuring Travis Sullivan on Piano and Saxophone, beautifully set to the early vibe of soul and blues with Persian lyrics by Rana Farhan.

Available exclusively at April 20, 2018.

Coming soon to itunes, Amazon, and CDBaby

Swing into spring on May Day to celebrate elevating feminist voices, leadership, and creativity across genre. With Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra(featuring Pyeng Threadgill), Candice Hoyes, Lauren Sevian, Rana Farhan, and the Resistance Revival Chorus. All proceeds benefit the The Feminist Press at CUNY, a nonprofit founded to advance equality and amplify feminist perspectives. 

Tickets: $100 VIP/$50 General. Visit the Joe's Pub website for tickets. **Please note this venue has a minimum of two drinks or $12 per guest. 

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